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A – Thank you for your interest in vending at the Healing Hearts Psychic Fair this year.

As we are taking the Fair fully on-line with a new platform, the process has changed significantly, & we hope you will join us in this new adventure. We know this is a long informational page, but it is necessary. We appreciate the time you take to insure your best experience, and to ease the process.

Going virtual is a new & at times seemingly complicated process, but we are hoping to have as many of our regulars AND some new folk join us; unfortunately, you must have on-line selling capability, and/or a physical store in order to participate this year, and we CANNOT provide cart / check-out / payment processing through this venue. We are sorry to not have all our smaller, local friends vending. We hope that next year we shall all be together in person again.

Our virtual venue platform is called; as in our regular Fairs, our virtual Event will have live & recorded Entertainer segments on a ‘STAGE’; Readers & Healers & Workshops in various ‘SESSIONS’; an ‘Auction’ to replace the usual raffle; and of course Vendors such as you in a virtual ‘EXPO’ hall with what they call booths.


A – In order to allow as many vendors old and new alike to participate, from all income brackets, we are making it a mixed bag this year. While we do run the Fair in order to replenish the charity’s Fund, we also want to foster a sense of community, and promote growth for all our small business Vendors. We understand it’s been a very tough year for most, so we give YOU different choices, according to your means. Talk to Ceinan for more info.

  1. A fixed booth price, sliding scale fee of $25 – 500 A larger fee will give you a ‘larger’ virtual booth, meaning your logo will be larger, and your visibility order slightly prioritized. This is the equivalent of having a 6’ table vs. a 10×10 booth at our normal fair.
  2. Our normal 20% of gross sales (inclusive of commissions) for the day (November 14th, Event open 10 am to 7:30 pm). Traditionally, we have trusted our Vendors, and we expect you to keep track of your sales for the day, and report back at the end of the Event with your gross sales and the percentage owed to us. Max is $500, as at the in-person Fair.
  3. A smaller, negotiable percentage of sales (inclusive of commissions) for the Event day PLUS a certain amount of days afterward. Some have offered 3 days, some a week, one even offered a month. Talk to Ceinan for more info and discussion.

The method chosen to support us will be part of your booth description, with a specific FAIR-CODE to designate purchases made through our links : “XXX will donate 10% of all sales until next TUESDAY to the Healing Hearts Fund, so tell your friends! ” or “A portion of all proceeds today goes directly to the HHF! – use this discount code to shop our website” or similar. You can add it to your blurb below, or we will after we agree on the method. This will also be advertised on the website, and on our FB platform.


A – You must first read this linked VENDOR INSTRUCTION page in order to fill the form accurately. There, you will find more information on how all this works, what info WE need to set it all up, a link to a full VIDEO TUTORIAL, as well as a link to a GUIDE ON IMAGE DIMENSIONS.

There are a couple of ways you can choose to set up your booth, explained in the link. Until we have ALL THE INFORMATION REQUESTED, including how you want to present your booth, we cannot set-up the Event website with your booth, and your information will not be shown on the Registration page for attendees to see your participation.

Note that all participants, from Attendees to Vendors, must create a FREE account with, same as if registering for a conference. After we receive this form, we will provide you the Event link so you can see your booth and begin to help us advertise the Fair.

After reading the instructions, please take the time to fill this form as completely as you can, so we may insure both you and our attendees have the best experience possible.

Have any questions now before signing up? Call / TEXT 360-731-7729, but please no calls between 9:30 pm and 9 am, or email me directly here VENDOR COORDINATOR EMAIL (

Ceinan, your Vendor Coordinator

Vendor Application